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Since January 2011 the Fangreaders have been chatting about and sharing their favourite SVM/TB fanfiction stories. What started with a few enthusiasts has grown into a community of over 200 fanfic readers and writers, stretching over several time-zones – and we just keep getting bigger and bigger! New members are signing up every week to take part in our online discussions in the Fangreaders chat room, the Fangreaders Chatroom Central blog site, Fang_Readers Community on LiveJournal, and the Caffe Trieste forum.

You may have heard of a previous Fangreader organised event – The Lemon Tart Awards. This event celebrated the sassy and sexy side of fanfiction. But this time we want to go all the way - Oscars Style!  In celebration of 12 wonderful months of meeting new people and making new friends – the community is bringing you ‘The Fangreader Awards’.  On January the 8th, Fangreaders submitted their nominations for their most loved fanfics in ten different categories. Comedy, Romance, All Human, Angst, One-shots, series and more will be included in this event to celebrate excellence in writing and honour those who have captivated us with their plots, amused us with their banter and made our hearts flutter with excitement when they provide us with an update.

Although the Fangreaders nominated the stories for these awards –
voting is open to the entire SVM/TB fandom.
That’s right – you don’t need to be a Fangreader for your voice to be heard!

The public vote opened on Sunday 15th January 2012 and the ballot will close on 19th February 2012 11.59pm GMT. That leaves you plenty of time to catch up and read any of the stories nominated that you might have missed. Remember – you can only vote ONCE – and the goal of the Fangies is to award excellence in writing and not just be another popularity contest.

Cast your vote here: http://bit.ly/VoteFangies

An award ceremony will be held at 9pm GMT (4pm EST) on Saturday 25th February 2012 on http://fangreaders-hall-of-fame.blogspot.com/ and the best part is that the winners will be announced by your favourite SVM/TB characters! 

*shyly waves*  Hi all!

It's been a while since I posted to My SVM Addiction. But I've been around ... sort of.  In any case, I just wanted to pop in and say happy new year.  So .... happy new year!