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Since it's been a while since I've posted on this blog AND this contest is almost over, I'm going to save some time and just cut to the chase ....

So the sweet, adorable, helpful, and always around with a kind word (or more), Northwoman -- SVM Addict #4 -- revived the very popular I Write the Songs Contest for another round.  A favorite contest for many of us because it incorporated music with the SVM characters we all love so much.

Many of us know this already ... I'm just a little late posting about it.  So since I haven't been doing contest posts I'm going to skip the contest spiel and just direct you to the dates and where to go to submit your stories, read entries, and find voting info.

Submit Your Stories

This Sunday, July 15th, is the last day!  The final submission will be accepted on July 15th at 8:00 PM, Pacific time (10:00 PM Central)

Once the judges have finished judging, Northwoman will give writers the heads up to post. The final posting on Fanfiction.net (or whereever) should be around July 31.

Visit I Write the Songs on Blogspot for more information.

Read the Entries

Not writing? No worries ... you still can participate, by reading the stories already posted!  Encourage the writers who posted their entry and be prepared for the voting round.  Here are the places you will find the stories for the contest:

Find Voting Information

That's right ... read the entries, because the voting will be here before you know it.  

Now the way IWTS works is that voting will be public and from the judges Top 10, and the poll will be open for only 9 days.  Public voting will be August 1 through 9.

Be sure to stay tuned to I Write the Songs on Blogspot for the latest news.

And Finally ...

Winners will be announced August 10.  But to be honest ... while having winners is cool and a must by the definition of a contest.  I see everyone involved as a winner.  So I just want to close with a couple of thanks ...

  1. A big thank you to Northwoman for hosting this contest once again!  It's a fantastic idea and so inspiring!
  2. Major thanks to all the writers who submitted their stories!  So far 15 entries!  As an avid fanfic reader, I hang on to every word you write and appreciate your works.
  3. And finally to my fellow readers ... *group hugs* ... I haven't had a chance to do my part but you guys are there.  Reading and reviewing ...  murgatroid_98VAladyMy_Universeonefee27alisonnorthmanmailleDuckbutt, TeaCupHumanmazzabluefffboneSassyvampmamaerin1705     ... and I could go on and on.  I truly wish I could shoutout every reader and reviewer.  You guys are there behind the scenes keeping this fandom alive.  So thanks for encouraging the writers and actually penning your thanks!