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Hello all.  Long time no see.  Thanks to the helpful designer/developer extraordinaire Ysar (she’s the genius behind ficcentral.com ... by the way, the new design looks really good!), I found out more about the problem with the feed.

The problem was not due to another annoying change on fanfiction.net.  Instead it's the website I use to feed the newly posted and updated fics to Twitter. They went a bit haywire in the last couple of months and decided to add tracking code that wasn’t fanfiction.net friendly.  

Not only that … they’ve also decided that services that they offered for free for 3 years and now worth a servicing charge of almost $10-20 bucks a month.  This would amount to $120-240 in fees a year.  Needless to say, I’m searching for alternatives.  

If anyone has any suggestions, contact me and let me know.

Stay tuned.