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Hello all.  Long time no see.  Thanks to the helpful designer/developer extraordinaire Ysar (she’s the genius behind ficcentral.com ... by the way, the new design looks really good!), I found out more about the problem with the feed.

The problem was not due to another annoying change on fanfiction.net.  Instead it's the website I use to feed the newly posted and updated fics to Twitter. They went a bit haywire in the last couple of months and decided to add tracking code that wasn’t fanfiction.net friendly.  

Not only that … they’ve also decided that services that they offered for free for 3 years and now worth a servicing charge of almost $10-20 bucks a month.  This would amount to $120-240 in fees a year.  Needless to say, I’m searching for alternatives.  

If anyone has any suggestions, contact me and let me know.

Stay tuned.
It was brought to my attention that the SVMFanfic Twitter Feed, and most likely the other related ones I created such as the FeverFanfic, are tweeting broken links.  After some investigation it looks like Fanfic.net removed some RSS Feeds with the most recent "Improved Filtering".

My apologies for the inconvenience.  There isn't much I can do unless Fanfic.net brings back the RSS feeds.  I'll try to look into some alternatives in case it doesn't come back.  I'll keep you posted!