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Pulled or Moved SVM Fics Information

Due to a bunch of difficult fanfiction members, who don't know how to play in the sandbox, there has been a bit of scattering of SVM writers they look for ways to publish their stories without having to deal with their stories being reported.

Here's a list of alternative fanfiction sites where you can find Sookieverse stories. I hope to update you on SVM stories as the information becomes available. Many authors are choosing to back-up their stories on a blog site, such as Blogspot or Wordpress, so below you will also find a list of authors on the web.

If you are looking for pulled or moved Twilight FanFiction, visit The Twilight Awards for more information.

Alternative Fanfiction Sites

  1. SVM Universe (new Grou.ps community)
  2. SVM Universe (old Ning community)
  3. Blood Bond Blogs
  4. EricNorthman.net
  5. The Alexandar Skarsgard Library
  6. Your Vampire Fan Fiction
  7. The Writer's Coffee Shop Library
  8. My Vamp Fiction
  9. Area Five - A SVM/TB Fanfiction Archive
I'm logged into most of these sites as Sapfirerose.

S. Meadows has created a wonderful blog, The Sookieverse, that goes into detail about the above websites and more. The blog is also a directory of the SVM world.  You will find out where authors are, how to find their fics.  Here is a list that I've compiled of fanfiction authors on the web.

Fanfiction Authors on the Web

  1. AlphaEN
  2. Chiisai Kitty
  3. Dazed Rose
  4. Educatedguess84
  5. Ericizmine
  6. Greenabsinthia 
  7. Malanna
  8. Megan2writes (Meg2)
  9. Missie S. (S. Meadows)
  10. Lubadub
  11. Ohfortuneslost
  12. Onefee27
  13. Scribeninja (LindsayK)
  14. Seastar08
  15. SlakerDee
  16. Sophie Myst
  17. Sunkisz
  18. Terri Botta (Isilwath)
  19. Trademare
  20. Txone
  21. VicVega66
  22. Yvearia
  23. Zigster
This is just a small list of the authors on the net.  For more, I encourage you to check out SVM/TB Fanfic Author Directory on The Sookieverse for more complete list. If you would like to add your website to this list, just click here and let me know.